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VIP properties are homes and condominiums in Playa del Carmen that have met or exceed the highest standard of quality according to the quality algorithm created by BRIC Vacation Rentals. These properties all qualify for additional and extraordinary services such as full beach supply set up, gourmet coffee and newspaper delivery. Please ask your BRIC Ambassador for details! Dont hesitate, these properties book up fast!

Family Perfect

These properties have been selected by our staff and previous guests as being the most accommodating to families, especially those with children or just extended families that want to enjoy their vacation together. These properties have been selected as being among the best and of highest standard and most enjoyable for families looking for an exceptional vacation and having all of the amenities that one could expect back at home. Among them are great pools, easy access to the beach and overall kid friendly and safe.

Ocean View Properties

All of these properties offer beautiful views of the Caribbean Ocean from your vacation home. For the specific views offered and property details, please see the detailed property descriptions and photos of each unit below.

Penthouse Properties

All available Penthouse units at all of our property locations! Penthouse units are defined as units on the top floor of the building and featuring a private roof top terrace with various amenities such as Hot Tubs, Ocean Views, Roof Top Bars and Sunbathing areas. These are typically the most expensive rental units at the specific properties. For specific amenities offered and photos, see all of our Penthouse units below!

Luxury Properties

The Luxury properties in our portfolio offer the most premium of property amenities in the most desired locations. These are High-Value real estate properties and are suited for individuals with impeccable taste and a desire to experience the best of what Playa del Carmen has to offer.

Deluxe Properties

All of these properties offer the best combination of quality and price! All of these properties are within walking distance of the beaches and 5th avenue, but because they are not located directly on the beach, there is opportunity to save a significant amount of money with very little compromise in location and quality.

Budget Properties

Dont be fooled by the name! These properties offer the best "bang for your buck" Most of these properties are just a quick 5 minute walk off of the beach and therefore provide you with significant savings! Even here, you receive the same 5-star service you would receive at any of our other properties!

Long Term Rentals

Complete listing of private vacation condos and homes that are available for long term rentals; more than 30 days. Please inquire with our Vacation Hosts as to pricing options and service details. Reservations include maid service 1x per week and bottled water. Tenants are responsible for payment of all utilities including Gas, Electricity, Internet and Cable.