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10 Ways To Conquer The Urge To Abandon Your Fitness Routine While On Vacation

Juanita Rodriguez Juanita Rodriguez 07-01-2016

Is it possible to use the words fitness and vacation in the same sentence? For thousands of people who have made exercise and healthful eating a way of life, maintaining their fitness regime is as natural as brushing their teeth, whether on vacation or not. For those of us who have good intentions but find futile the effort to keep active or to resist recurring trips down the buffet aisles, here are some tips on how to stay fit on a future getaway.

Fitness on the beach

  • 1. Sitting at the airport hours before your flight (on which you will incur a stretch of many more motionless hours) can leave you feeling restless and bloated. If you find yourself with ample time before you board, plug into your favorite playlist and take a walk around the terminal. Every step counts!Girl walking with headphones
  • 2. Determine ahead of time to eat two healthy meals each day, while allowing yourself to choose whichever foods entice you for your third meal. This approach will stave off feelings of deprivation while keeping the excess pounds at bay.
  • 3. While the sunshine, ocean and reggae music in the background set the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy a cool, tropical cocktail, opt for a less sugar-laden alcoholic beverage. While vodka or tequila with soda water and a squeeze of fresh lime juice may lack in colorful, visual appeal, your waistline will thank you by the end of your holiday.Senor-Frogs-Cocktails


  • 4. Book tours which promote activities such as swimming, biking, hiking, snorkeling or walking. This not only gets you away from your hotel and presents the opportunity to explore the culture of a new city, but also makes it easy to incorporate exercise into your trip.Girl riding a bike
  • 5. Set a goal to get in even a 20 minute sweat session each morning whether that means a quick circuit at the hotel gym or a run on the beach. Working out first thing in the morning will motivate you to make more healthful choices throughout the day.
  • 6. Throw a health and fitness magazine in with your beach read repertoire. Skimming through wellness articles will inspire you to keep your mind focused on maintenance while you are out of your regular fitness routine.Man reading a health and fitness magazine
  • 7. Choose to take the stairs over the elevator, try a recommended restaurant within walking distance of your hotel or dance the night away at a local club for extra fitness points.Couple dancing
  • 8. If you choose a beach holiday, by all means, do not succumb to body comparisons with the 21 year olds pounding shots of tequila at the pool bar. As jealousy over the supermodel-like abs of your fellow sun seekers soars, motivation to stick to your own fitness goals plummets, causing you to throw in the towel. Ignore the urge to compare and instead focus your thoughts on achieving your personal best. You will be proud of yourself for not giving up and you will reap the rewards that come with perseverance.
  • 9. Make reservations at the á la carte restaurants on the resort rather than eating from the buffet at every meal. There is often such an overwhelming variety of savory foods on a buffet that it’s easy to end up with a heaping plateful. With wait staff serving you at the á la carte eatery, you’ll be less inclined to ask for seconds.Buffet of food
  • 10. Have you ever considered a fitness vacation? Companies like Inspirations Fitness Retreat in the Mayan Riviera are popping up in exotic locations around the world.  These luxury retreats offer a wide range of health and wellness classes which are incorporated into an all-inclusive schedule. You can dine on a fresh, healthful menu prepared by private chefs, partake in ocean-side yoga classes, indulge in spa treatments, zip-line through lush jungle, all the while enjoying sublime outdoor scenery with like-minded individuals.Exercise