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All-Inclusives vs Vacation Rentals

Juanita Rodriguez 08-15-2016

Playa del Carmen condo rental

You're daydreaming of a vacation. Visions of palm trees and buckets of ice cold Coronas vie for your attention throughout your work day. Imagining the cool sand between your toes and wading in the warm turquoise waters,  you make the decision to book your sun-drenched getaway.

Seeking some time to rejuvenate a worn mind and body that have been dragged through the rat-race is important to you. As you skim through various travel websites in search of the perfect property and destination, you contemplate whether an all-inclusive hotel or a vacation rental will best suit your needs. If you want a unique experience, something above and beyond tequila bingo at the resort swim-up bar, here are some advantages of staying in a vacation rental on your next escape to paradise.

  • A Deeper Cultural Experience

    Playa del Carmen culture at the market

    Most often, the only time vacationers leave an all-inclusive hotel is to go for the day on a pricey excursion. While the convenience of a resort is appealing to some travelers, with on-site gift shops and restaurants, this type of vacation does not encourage foreigners to experience the local culture and delicious gastronomy. Staying in your own home away from home allows you to taste cuisine and see sites that you would miss out on if planted within the confines of a hotel property for the duration of your trip.

    Spending a few moments researching the festivals and events in the city before you arrive not only will give you a richer experience, it will build your enthusiasm as you set off on your journey towards discovery! Also, taking the opportunity to speak to taxi drivers and other locals can lead to budding friendships and recommendations to the best hidden gems the city has to offer.

  • Privacy and Tranquility

    Roof top terrace with hot-tub

    If you are into tequila bingo, who am I to judge? I too have taken that route once or twice and treasure those experiences as well. However, if all you want is to be able to lounge and read that book you purchased months ago but haven't yet, the tranquility and privacy a vacation home presents might sound intriguing. Condo-resorts tend to be more tame poolside and it is rare that you will have to share your serene space with a rowdy group of obnoxious partiers. Many of Bric Vacation Rentals'  properties have their own ample outdoor garden spaces or private rooftop terraces with jacuzzis, which offer plenty of options for peace and solitude.

  • No Set Schedules

    Aldea Thai Luxury Condo Resort

    If you are anything like me, my life revolves around a set routine, so I cherish the holidays, when I can toss the agenda out the window and be on my own schedule. If staying in an all-inclusive resort, meals are served during certain times, activities are all scheduled and heaven forbid you sleep in, forget about getting a chair around the pool!

  • Friends And Family Can Visit

    Group lounging on a roof top terrace

    If you happen to meet someone outside of your vacation property or have family who live in the area, it's nice to have the option to invite them back for dinner, drinks or to spend time with them by the pool for a day. When in an all-inclusive resort, it is more of a challenge to connect with newfound friends or relatives as without a bracelet pass, visitors are denied access onto the property.

  • Vacation Rental Properties Offer Many Convenient And Personalized Services

    Concierge services provided by vacation rentals

    You do not have to book all-inclusive to get convenient perks. BRIC Rentals friendly ambassadors arrange for courtesies such as local cell phones with credit, bottled water delivery and cleaning service. Our professional team of experts offer a wide range of services including grocery delivery to your door, excursion bookings, transportation, dry cleaning, child minding, private chef and spa services for an additional fee. Our aim is to provide you with a more personal experience and our concierge staff strives to provide you with everything required for a comfortable and memorable experience.

    BRIC Rental staff members