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Playa del Carmen Arrival Information

Hours 8:00am-20:00pm
BRIC Phone Local Mexico: 984.100.2242
BRIC Phone USA: 480.467.4638
BRIC Phone Toll Free: 888.364.3429

  • BUSINESS HOURS ARRIVALS: 8:00am – 20:00pm
    You will receive keys, check-in materials, and then you need your driver to take you to your rental unit.
    You will receive detailed arrival instructions from your reservation hostess. If you have any concerns at all please contact your reservation hostess or email to 

You have several options of arrival into Playa del Carmen from the Cancun Airport. Details of each are listed here below. We highly recommend utilizing the Private Van Service offered through BRIC Vacation Rentals! This will assure you a safe & convenient arrival into Playa del Carmen.


    • PRIVATE VAN TRANSPORTATION FROM CANCUN INTERNATIONAL TO PLAYA DEL CARMEN – Your personal driver will be waiting for you upon exiting the Cancun Airport! The driver will be holding a sign with the name of the primary reservation name. The driver will transport you directly to the BRIC Vacation Rental office for check in and then take you directly to your home in Playa del Carmen.
      • 1-2 Passengers – $135.00 USD (Roundtrip)
      • 3-7 Passengers – $165.00 USD (Roundtrip)
      • 8-10 Passengers – $225.00 USD (Roundtrip)
      • 11-16 Passengers – $325.00 USD (Roundtrip)


    • AIRPORT RENTAL CAR – You do not need a rental car in Playa del Carmen. A rental car is not necessary and actually becomes more of a nuisance than a benefit. Playa del Carmen is a walking town and parking can be extremely difficult. If however you choose to rent a vehicle at the Cancun Airport here are detailed driving directions to Playa del Carmen:
      • All Reservations in Playa del Carmen (except if you are staying at the Elements) Click Here
      • All Reservations at The Elements / The Elements Hotel Click Here


    • TAXI SERVICE – Note you will be bombarded by eager taxi drivers trying to get your business! A One-Way taxi ride from the Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen will cost approximately $82.00 USD and will accommodate between 2-3 person and some luggage. Also be aware, that most taxi drivers are not too familiar with Playa del Carmen so you will have to provide them with specific driving directions. Please be sure to print the Driving Directions and good luck!


  • THE PUBLIC BUS SYSTEM – Not recommended unless you are a seasoned professional of Playa del Carmen! Buses leave every hour during normal business hours and will take you from Cancun International Airport to one of two bus terminals in Playa del Carmen, at which time you will need to hire a taxi (or walk) to the BRIC Office. Bus schedules are available online at


Please provide your family BRIC contact information for any emergency.

In the event you need to be reached we can immediately deliver any messages to you.

  • USA Phone in Mexico: 480.467.4638
  • Mexico Office Phone from US Phone: 011.52.984.873.2005
  • USA FAX: 480.718.7939