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Cenotes – A Whole Other World Beneath The Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatán Peninsula's beauty spreads over a region enveloped by lush, tropical jungle and bordered by the  Caribbean Sea with its awe-inspiring shades of turquoise, aqua and deep blue.  Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive ...


5 Top Beaches In And Around Playa del Carmen

With hundreds of miles of pristine coastline to choose from, several powdery-soft white shores could have very well made the top 5 list.  However, we have selected 5 unique beach settings in and around Playa ...


A Little Piece Of The World I Call “Heaven”

In honor of the 'I Love Playa del Carmen' contest presented by Bric Vacation Rentals, we interviewed Michelle, a recurring visitor at one of the city's most sought after luxury condos, 'The Elements'.  Michelle first ...