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A Little Piece Of The World I Call “Heaven”

Juanita Rodriguez 01-01-2016

In honor of the ‘I Love Playa del Carmen’ contest presented by Bric Vacation Rentals, we interviewed Michelle, a recurring visitor at one of the city’s most sought after luxury condos, ‘The Elements’.  Michelle first became familiar with Playa del Carmen twenty years ago during its initial blossoming period from rustic, fishing village to vibrant, young city.

1995 La iglesia de la colonia Colosio sobre la 30 AV. comenzo como un grande pero modesto galeron
Colonio Colosio, Playa del Carmen, 1995 

She fell in love with this part of the world she describes as “heaven” and was thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase the stunning Garden House 1, which sits nearest to ‘The Elements’ exclusive beach club.  As the green-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and pristine beaches are the most compelling aspects of Playa which lure her back time and time again, owning a vacation haven steps from the beach was a must.

Elements Community
‘The Elements’ exclusive beach club

Michelle has passionately created within her retreat, an atmosphere of serenity with its warm color palette and zen-inspiring Thai accents.  It is her home away from home in which all cares of the world tend to diminish upon entering.  The striking, turquoise views from her living room and soothing ambience immediately fill her with a sense of peace.

Garden House 1 Elements
The views from Garden House 1 in ‘The Elements’

At the time she was introduced to ‘The Elements’, Michelle was impressed by the impeccable grounds, ocean views and desirable location. After spending a considerable amount of time here, she is captivated by the tangible invigorating energy – a result of the natural fusion of Mother Nature’s most remarkable components- Water, Sun, Wind and Fire.  There is a majestic air surrounding Playa del Carmen which has allowed her and her family to stockpile many cherished moments into their memory banks over the years.

A longtime visitor to “The Gem of the Mayan Riviera,”  Michelle has watched the town transform from a once sleepy village with dirt roads to a thriving, world-renowned vacation destination. Although she fondly remembers the “old Playa,” she has welcomed the growth and appreciates the abundance of activities and entertainment options that are now available.

5th Avenue
he bustling 5th Avenue today

As a business owner, Michelle looks forward to her escapes to paradise where she can relax and unwind.  In a fast-paced world, Playa offers the perfect opportunity to slip into vacation bliss.  With amenities such as pool-side spa services and an on-site concierge, stresses have a knack of quickly fading away.  One comfortably eases into a rejuvenation period, when ‘Shall we lounge by the pool, or by the sea today?’ is among one of the toughest decisions to be made.

Pool at the Elements
The pool at ‘The Elements’ mere steps from Michelle’s terrace

If duty does call, Michelle is able to take advantage of the Wifi and on premise business center with its floor-to-ceiling windows and mesmerizing ocean views. ‘The Elements’ enviable location, just off the trendy, newly-developed section of 5th Avenue, gives guests convenient accessibility to all the attributes which make Playa del Carmen such an attractive beach getaway.

Not only is Michelle a stone’s throw distance from the pristine beaches, but she is also grateful to be walking distance to hundreds of fabulous restaurants which line the famously effervescent avenue. When she first set foot in Playa, there were only a handful of eateries scattered in the area.  Now there are over 700 restaurants spread over the downtown core, which ranks selecting a place for dinner, as perhaps the second toughest choice she might be faced with on a typical day in paradise.

Dining on 5th Ave
Trendy dining options on the north end of 5th Avenue

Having her daughter as her frequent travel companion, Michelle values these memorable trips to Playa del Carmen.  She is delighted to be present to witness the on-going metamorphosis of this city she holds so dear to her heart and expects to create many more special moments with her family and friends in which to savor forever.