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Dont Buy The Boots! Invest In An Unforgettable Riviera Maya Beach Vacation

Juanita Rodriguez 11-15-2017

Why A Vacation Is A Good Investment

When autumn arrives, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This special holiday revolves around family, feasting, and football. But if anything can rouse people from their turkey comas, it’s the other “f” word— Friday. Black Friday that is. Similar to Boxing Day in Canada or Buen Fin in Mexico, on this famous Friday, retailers offer the biggest discounts of the year. Red ‘SALE’ signs as far as the eye can see send hoards of deal seekers into a buying frenzy.

So what exactly compels us to jump out of bed at an ungodly hour? What drives us to circle overcrowded parking lots for hours, eager to forge our way through a mob of crazed shoppers? The answer is saving money makes us feel good. Coming home knowing we got the deal of the year gives us a sense of pride, a natural high. If only we could find some way to make this feeling last…

Buy Experiences, Not Things

Undoubtedly in the last decade, you’ve seen social media posts advocating spending money on experiences, not things. Investing in travel produces priceless dividends. Studies have shown that traveling can boost brain and heart health and lower stress— an important contribution to your physical and mental wellbeing. Not to mention, travel develops compassion and cultural understanding, along with many other benefits. For this reason, we’re suggesting you forego the boot sale this Black Friday. Instead, book a trip to the tropical paradise of Playa del Carmen.

This  exotic playground is bursting at the seams with awe-inspiring points of interest. In fact, this area of the Yucatan Peninsula presents hundreds of ways to stockpile one-of-a-kind experiences for the ol’ memory bank. Snorkeling beneath glistening, turquoise waters, boating through mangroves canals, paddle boarding on tranquil lagoons, exploring colonial cathedrals, the list is endless.

More Reasons To Say ‘No’ To The Boots

Joy from things is temporary. In one form or another, we’ve all encountered it. From walking out of the Apple Store with the latest iPhone to buying a car. We imagine swiping our way to happiness or driving our way to fulfillment. Once we have this or achieve that, our lives will be complete. The problem is, almost every time, that happiness is short-lived. Whereas experiences become a part of us. Every stamp in our passport, every photo of our journeys has a wonderful story to tell. Unforgettable experiences make our hearts smile and can be pivotal turning points in our lives.

Possessions rarely equal (meaningful) connections. When’s the last time you were intrigued by so-and-so’s story of having to downsize from three vacation homes to two? This topic is a conversation killer. On the other hand, connection that impacts your life is often a byproduct of unique experiences. It could be a bond formed with your Bric ambassador who went out of her way to make your first Playa del Carmen vacation amazing. Or perhaps you connected to a new city where you discovered a charming cafe with a personable barista who served the best cappuccino in the world.

Material things come and go. Not only can experiences never be taken away, but they become ingrained in us. Connections, unfamiliarity, learning something new, and anticipation of an event or an adventure enhance our lives in lasting ways.

Experiences In Playa del Carmen Cost Less Than You Think

For the same amount you’d spend on a pair of boots, you can swim alongside sea turtles PLUS enjoy fresh seafood overlooking a picturesque bay. Rather than adding another coat to your collection, you could sail across the Caribbean waters, anchoring by undeveloped shores sprinkled with starfish. For the price of a Starbucks, you could pay the entrance fee to a cenote and pass the day floating upon in crystal clear waters. Instead of  a designer purse, you could hire a private van, zip line through the jungle, swim in underground caves, and climb towering Mayan temples.

Visiting a country known for its hospitable people, sensational food, and scenic nature, makes a trip to the Riviera Maya the best investment you can make for yourself this year.

Cenote, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Even though international travel may seem impossible on your income or budget, anyone can do it. Where there is a will, there is a way. If seeing the world has been a dream of yours, but you just haven’t been able to make it happen, we want to make it easier for you! With over 150 superb vacation homes in our inventory at all-time low prices, Bric Vacation Rentals has the perfect vacation home for your Playa del Carmen beach getaway.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us