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Tips To Make Your Vacation Rental More Appealing

Juanita Rodriguez 02-15-2016

To be able to have a home away from home where you can set off for some tranquility and quality time with friends and family is a dream for many people. However, when owners are only able to spend a few weeks of the year as an escape artist, the idea of offering their second home as a vacation rental becomes intriguing. The income generated from a vacation property not only offsets the costs of ownership, but can also be a financially rewarding experience when a personal approach is combined with good business sense.

Interior condo rental in Playa del Carmen

What makes some rental properties more lucrative than others? Location is important, but there are many other factors which can attribute to a successful reservation rate. The key goal of a vacation rental should be to offer comfort and convenience which travelers would expect in their own homes while tending to the small details which will exceed their expectations. High review ratings provide owners with an advantage in a competitive market and word of mouth is still the most powerful way to effectuate repeat business.

Here is a list of tips we have put together which when applied, can produce a worthwhile investment for a vacation property owner and make it stand out against the competition.

  1. Present the home as if your own family was going to be staying in it.

    Dining setup in condo rental

    A lack of enthusiasm some owners have toward their property is clearly evident in the minimal and poor quality necessities they offer. Rock hard mattresses, a television with only 2 foreign language channels and outdated or tattered furniture are prone to lead visitors to develop an unfavorable opinion of the rental. Create a hospitable atmosphere by maintaining and replacing older furnishings, adding modern decorative touches, a fresh coat of paint and consider installing a satellite or an economical movie provider such as Netflix.

  2. Showcase the attractive features of your property.

    Roof top terrace overlooking ocean

    I have seen potentially breathtaking, private roof terraces with panoramic ocean views left in an abandoned state, with a couple of lounge chairs in disrepair or no furniture at all! A penthouse with an ocean view is a definite revenue earner and it is unfortunate when owners fail to play up such incredible outdoor living spaces. A few potted plants and a dining or seating area can really create a stunning transformation and present an alluring selling point for guests.

  3. Exceed a guest’s expectations.

    Professional decorations in rental condo

    An owner is not required to spend a fortune to create a memorable and appealing ambience within his/her vacation home. Guests’ satisfaction lies within the small details. If you have a barbecue, be sure the propane tank is full and the grill is clean and ready for use. Check all batteries in the remotes and confirm that all appliances are in good working order. Consider providing toiletries, beach chairs and toys, tennis rackets, bikes, books, or board games. New visitors will appreciate an information binder which includes emergency contact numbers, appliance and garbage disposal instructions, popular attractions and restaurants in the area. Stocking milk in the refrigerator for coffee, providing laundry detergent, as well as playing soft background music upon arrival are extra touches that can have a big impact.

  4. Cleanliness.

    Beautiful bathroom in condo rental

    This is an obvious method to attract repeat clients, but some rentals fall very short in this category. There should be no stains in the toilets and bathtubs, white sheets and towels should be bleached, and cobwebs from ceiling fans and corners should definitely be given a swipe with the dusting wand. Have rugs and furniture professionally cleaned at least once a year and apply a stain protector to the furniture and mattresses as often as is suggested. Even an older home can have considerable appeal and charm if it is appears fresh, and in excellent condition.

  5. Use withstanding materials.

    2 double beds in condo rental

    As a rental owner, you can expect that your dish ware and furnishings will not last forever. It is important to choose durable materials that will withstand wear and tear. Solid color draperies and furniture are more timeless and will look less dated than a patterned material. However, for bedspreads and comforters, use a darker, simple pattern so that stains from sunscreen for example, will be less visible. Purchase white dish ware and keep an extra set in the closet so that broken ones can be easily matched and replaced. Removable seat covers are optimal for wearability and can be recovered to look like new.

  6. Make your rental appealing to all types of reservations.

    Circle dining table

    A vacation home which maximizes space and can accommodate a large family increases the reservation rate as it appeals to a broader clientele. If you have two bedrooms, by adding bunkbeds with double mattresses or a sleeper sofa in the guest room , you can achieve better odds of renting out your home. Providing extra bar stools or a large dining table provides ample seating for small group bookings. Also remember that it is imperative that there are enough towels, plates, utensils and glasses to accommodate the number of guests your rental sleeps.

The bottom line is that you yourself would be thrilled at the opportunity to stay in your vacation home time and time again. Ask yourself if you would feel as though you are getting your money’s worth? Your aim is to induce an emotional connection between guests and your vacation home so that ultimately, your guests will want to return and will recommend it to others.