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Planning A Destination Wedding? Love Is In The Air In Playa del Carmen!

Juanita Rodriguez Juanita Rodriguez 05-01-2016

There is a reason why thousands of couples cross oceans and continents to get married in this paradisiacal region of Mexico known as “The Heart of the Mayan Riviera”.  Playa del Carmen offers pristine beaches, world class accommodations and top-notch wedding planning services at a fraction of the cost you would pay  elsewhere in the world. This sublime area receives on average, over 300 sunny days a year and offers a vast range of magical encounters with an adventurous, ecological or historical twist for the entire group of family and friends to partake in.

Playa del Carmen wedding on beach

And if your travel tales do not yet extend to the land of tequila, white-sand beaches and sunshine, you are probably not aware that Mexicans know how to throw a party!  Due to a seemingly ingrained sense of hospitality and warmth, this culture delights at any opportunity to celebrate a special occasion. Creativity flourishes within a congenial setting and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Wedding setup chairs in Playa del Carmen

I have been fortunate to attend several weddings here in Playa del Carmen over the years, some extravagant and some simplistic, but each so enchanting they have etched a permanent mark in my memory bank.  With so many superb locations from which to hold a romantic ceremony, the Mayan Riviera offers a truly unique wedding experience.

Married couple standing by cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula

Imagine exchanging vows overlooking the breathtaking turquoise sea, or amidst a lush tropical garden surrounded by the ones you love most. For those of you looking for a one-of-a-kind event, you might even consider performing intimate nuptials by candle light, within one of the many underground caves of the region’s subterranean river system.

Whatever your vision, the professional team of Bric Vacation wedding specialists can assist you with bringing that dream to fruition.  From securing the ideal venue, to transportation, photography, music, decor and catering, our staff will work in unison with you, the happy couple to arrange every detail of your momentous occasion.  Our experienced wedding and event coordinators will be in contact with you every step of the way to ensure that all facets of your vision are seamed together flawlessly.

New bride in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Bric Vacation Rentals is arguably the most convenient route when planning your destination wedding. Our boutique hotel is centrally located within the heart of Playa del Carmen and serves not only as an option for accommodations, but a venue as well.  Additionally, we offer several ocean-front and luxury condo-retreat style accommodations around the city.

Wedding setup at the BRIC Hotel Playa del Carmen

Our team of ambassadors are Playa del Carmen experts and can suggest and facilitate an itinerary for your group’s entire stay.  Whether your party consists of golf enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, water-sport fanatics, beach bums, or all of the above, our friendly concierges are able to create a customized list of sublime locations and excursions in which to indulge in the area’s remarkable natural beauty.

The young city of Playa del Carmen pulsates with a fresh and effervescent vibe, yet it is a land in which a fascinating, ancient civilization once trod. It exudes sophistication and modern amenities, yet still manages to remain true to its humble beginnings as a quaint fishing village. It is cosmopolitan city which offers world-class entertainment, yet it charms visitors to succumb to its laid back vibe. There is an alluring force that beckons travelers to return time and time again.

We invite you to allow us to design a wedding day you and your guests will fondly remember for a lifetime.  Let us exceed all your expectations and fill your important day with extraordinary moments, where all you are expected of, is to fill it with love and laughter.