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Pristine Snorkeling, ATV Jungle Treks, and Tequila Tasting: Your Guide To The Perfect Puerto Morelos Day Trips

Juanita Rodriguez 03-02-2023

Puerto Morelos Day Trip Ideas from Playa del Carmen

Due to its diverse topography, the Riviera Maya presents a copious collection of remarkable activities that will leave a permanent impression on your memory bank. From its heart, Playa del Carmen, venture off in any direction and you’ll encounter some of the most scenic, awe-inspiring sites of your life. In this travel blog, we’re showcasing 5 superb Puerto Morelos day trip ideas sure to fulfill your sense of curiosity no matter what type of traveler you are. 


National Reef Park – A Snorkelling and Diving Paradise

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Although being a frequent visitor to the Mayan Riviera region, it wasn’t until we moved to the area that I became aware of one of its most significant features. Despite the ample amount of time spent on the beach and at sea, I hadn’t realized we’d been snorkeling the second largest barrier reef on the planet. 

In fact, Puerto Morelos is the closest point in the Riviera Maya to the Mesoamerican Reef. As a result, in just 5 minutes by boat, you’ll discover phenomenal snorkeling and diving. There are several accredited operators within the National Reef Park offering guided tours to the best spots for viewing the abundant Caribbean marine life.

You can swim with sea turtles and seek out the indigenous queen conch, grouper, or stingray gliding along the seafloor. Depending on how many reef sites you visit, the tours can run from 2.5 hours to a half day. With over 50 species of coral and more than 500 species of fish, you’re going to want to have as much time as possible to explore this fascinating underwater world.


Lunch At A Table With A View

El Merkadito Seafood & Beach Club, Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya

A midday lunch break by the sea is a must and each table offers a million dollar view. Combined with the flavors of delectable seafood dishes, the salty sea breeze and spanning turquoise vista are a feast for the senses.  

One of our favorite eateries along the shore is El Merkadito Seafood & Beach Bar. From oysters and lobster tails to tangy ceviches and tuna tartare, their mouthwatering menu is a seafood fiesta. Plus, they offer a nice selection of local craft beer  as well as premium liquors and signature cocktails.

Puerto Morelos, town center, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Not far is the low-key  town center with its picturesque church, ice cream shops, and artisan handicraft market. In spite of the rapid growth happening throughout the Mexican Caribbean, this beach town has managed to maintain its fishing village character. Thus, there are no busy tourist traps, only modest mom and pop shops and restaurants, lending to Puerto Morelos’s endearing allure. 


Outstanding Outdoor Encounter With Extreme Adventure Cancun 

Zip lining in the Riviera Maya

This majestic Mayan jungle experience is packed full of fun and adventure. Roam on horseback riding trails engulfed by exotic flora and fauna. Take the adrenaline factor up a notch as you zoom through the jungle via zip line and trek along suspension bridges. Cruise on 4-wheelers over paths winding throughout the verdant park. Finally, end your thrilling day with a refreshing dip in the cenote’s inviting waters. Before you go, you can indulge in some tasty tacos, as part of the tour. 

If you are one who appreciates incredible nature coupled with exhilarating activities, Extreme Adventure Cancun offers an intriguing line-up of sublime outdoor encounters. 


Taste Traditional Flavors At Mexico Lindo Cooking School

Mexico Lindo Cooking School, Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya

Photo courtesy of Mexico Lindo Cooking School

Not only does a cooking class present the perfect opportunity to sample some authentic cuisine, but you’ll also learn the secrets behind the rich flavors. Mexico Lindo Cooking School is located about 10 minutes west of Puerto Morelos on the Ruta de los Cenotes or Cenote Route. 

Every day of the week is a special menu where you will cook up a feast with seasoned chefs. Depending on which culinary adventure you choose, you’ll create traditional dishes such as tamales, Chile Rellenos, Tacos with fresh tortillas, Yucatecan fare, and desserts. Also featured in the class selection is a 3-hour appetizer, tequila, and mezcal tasting.

Regardless if you’re traveling solo, with a friend, or in a group, the afternoon spent in the cheerful kitchen will be an entertaining one. Moreover, the charming instructors, delectable dishes, and quaint jungle setting make it one of Puerto Morelos’s most highly rated experiences.  


Relish Scenic Cenote Swims on the Ruta de los Cenotes

Ruta de los Cenotes, Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, Mexico

By some estimates, there are nearly 10,000 limestone sinkholes, known as cenotes, scattered across the Yucatan Peninsula. Despite their abundance, each formation is unique and breathtaking in its own right. Some of the turquoise pools are completely exposed, others are semi-open, while a few are entirely enclosed.  

On La Ruta de los Cenotes, there are at least 60 cenotes stretching over a 20-mile span within the lush Riviera Maya jungle. The marked roadway is just before the town of Puerto Morelos, on the west side of the 307 federal highway at the Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin.

One popular stop is Zapote park, with its three stunning cenotes, zip lines, and ATV jungle trails. Las Mojarras is the largest open cenote along the route. Its width is over 65 meters with 2 platforms for jumping into the cool, clear waters. There are bathrooms, life vests, and picnic tables at this location. Of all the spectacular wilderness wells to choose from, Boca del Puma is one of the highlights. Beyond the two crystalline cenotes is a zip line circuit, rugged ATV paths, and a Museo del Chicle (Chewing Gum Museum). As well, there is a palapa restaurant where it’s not uncommon for a curious spider monkey to pay a visit. 

No matter if you choose an immersive jungle experience or an excursion at sea, a day in Puerto Morelos is sure to be a memorable one.