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Whats in Store on Playa del Carmens Eclectic 5th Ave

Juanita Rodriguez 06-15-2017

International travelers from every continent flock to this sunny, beach destination to extinguish worries, rejuvenate tired bodies and enjoy some serious quality time with family and friends. Playa del Carmen has produced millions of Mayan Riviera admirers over the years due to its magnificent beaches, crystalline waters, and small town charm.

View of 5th Ave

By day, 5th Avenue vibrates with enthusiastic globetrotters traipsing in and out of the quaint artisan shops perusing the meticulously hand-crafted wares. Hundreds of juice bars and restaurants serving an invigorating selection of fresh squeezed juices made from nopal (a type of cactus plant rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins), oranges, chaya leaves (a Mayan green super food) and sweet watermelon to name a few, present a convenient way for morning strollers to fuel up for a day of fun in the sun.

Vendor making a cigar

Whether on vacation or a Playa del Carmen local, the opportunity to dine in good company is always an enriching experience to look forward to. Some favorites eateries that have stood the test of time along 5th are Chez Celine, (a delightful bakery and bistro which serves authentic French cuisine) Il Baretto, (an Italian brick oven pizzeria) El Diez, (an Argentinian steakhouse) Yaxche, (Mayan cuisine) as well as Cueva del Chango (just off 5th & Calle 38) and La Parilla ( featuring traditional Mexican fare.)

Restaurant on 5th Av.

If you wish to play Jacques Cousteau or Indiana Jones for a day, speak to one of the many colorful personalities representing various tour companies who are happy to offer an assortment of thrilling expeditions. From magical snorkeling and diving adventures, zipling, sailing, fishing, catamaran and horseback riding to jungle exploration and ancient Mayan Ruin excursions, there are customized agendas suited for all types of day trippers.

Passing time on the alabaster shores and translucent waters is indeed an effective way to soothe a weary soul. However, in the heat of the midday, if you opt not for a siesta in the shade, an array of spas speckle ‘La Quinta’ (5th Avenue’s Spanish name). An air-conditioned escape for a relaxing massage, facial or nail treatment makes for an appealing break from the powerful rays of the Mexican sun.

Bar on 5th Av.

Every hour is happy hour on 5th Avenue! Seasoned mixologists serve up ice cold Dos Equis, Corona and Modelo beer as well as a cool selection of blended Caribbean cocktails. Cheerful tourists and sociable locals are often seen swinging in the seats under the thatched-roof bars which run along the cobblestone street. Tequila aficionados appreciate the specialized tequila stores where a selection of Mexico’s finest is available.

Pedestrians walking on 5th Ave

After the sun goes down and casts a shadow over the city, the night comes alive on 5th. This bustling street stretches across more than twenty five blocks through the effervescent core of the young city of Playa del Carmen. Enjoying a fresh-churned treat on a comfy couch outside a gelato parlor provides an excellent opportunity to partake in a interesting people-watching session.

It is not uncommon for passersby to be startled by a statuesque Mayan dressed in full costume, with lavish feathered headdress, jaguar patterned face paint and all. These playful characters seem to take great pleasure in coming to life just as unsuspecting pedestrians walk by. Other cultural (and not so fearsome) figures you are apt to spot on La Quinta are the famous Mariachi. Their stringed instruments, trumpets and powerful voices intensify the genuine atmosphere and alluring vibe of 5th Avenue.

Artist on Playa del Carmens 5th Ave

Playa del Carmen consists of a large congregation of gifted artists from every realm. Renowned local painters display their striking exhibits during the Thursday night Art Crawl. Talented musicians perform passionately on small stages within intimate venues. World-class DJs play sets for dance music enthusiasts in the nightclubs along Calle 12th and 5th.

This beautifully diverse ensemble of individuals operating within a truly dynamic setting is what effectuates the magnetic spark of 5th Avenue which draws people back time and time again.