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Discover A  Bounty of Fantastic Flavors At These 6 Appetizing Additions To Playa del Carmen’s Restaurant Scene

Juanita Rodriguez 09-29-2023

6 New Places To Eat & Drink In Playa del Carmen

With new eateries popping up around this bustling beach town every month, it’s hard to stay up to date on Playa del Carmen’s burgeoning gastronomy scene. If you’re from our fun-loving snowbird community or are a regular Riviera Maya vacationer, you likely already have your favorite go-tos. Alternatively, if you’re a Playa newbie, the myriad of choices for dining can be overwhelming. In any case, here’s a list of recently opened restaurants that you’ll want to keep on your radar for the next time you’re in town. 


Nein Buck by Hendo

Nein Buck Vegan Burgers, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Nein Buck


The quirky name comes from a play on words, Nein, meaning “No” in German, and Buck, representing the animal. Nein Buck (No Animal) as the name implies, serves an innovative collection of vegan burgers and sandwiches. 

Despite the availability of meat product alternatives in North America, Chris, an Armed Forces veteran from Canada, wasn’t keen on the processed components. Instead, he spent months in his kitchen creating healthy, homemade recipes using real, whole food. Eventually, he crafted an exceptional 100% plant-based smash burger with zero preservatives.  

Teaming up with Monse, a Playa del Carmen resident for over 20 years, Chris and their equally passionate crew are thrilled to present this new burger concept in Mexico. Indeed their signature burger, served on a fresh, kosher bun is all the reason you need to visit. Yet, you may want to surprise your tastebuds with the unique flavors in the jackfruit sandwich. 

Moreover, in paying tribute to his military past, Chris created a “valor wall” at Nein Buck. He invites first responders, veterans, and active military personnel to add their unit insignia in recognition of their service. Situated on CTM between 5th and 10th Avenue, it’s open daily from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. However, if you prefer to eat at home, you can order through the Playa Now delivery service. 


India Jones

India Jones Indian Restaurant, Playa del Carmen

Photo courtesy of India Jones


This new addition has taken over the corner of 5th Avenue and Calle 30 in the heart of Playa del Carmen. The menu, which showcases the essence of India’s culinary heritage, is replete with traditional cuisine. What’s more, the friendliness of the engaging owners truly sets India Jones apart. Their desire to offer an exceptional dining experience is clearly evident. Not only do the aromatic dishes soothe the soul, but the welcoming ambience warms the heart.

Undoubtedly, the Nalli Nihari, a slow-cooked savory curry served with braised lamb shanks, is one of the stars of the show. However, even the modest Maili Broccoli and Aloo Gobu Udaygiri, (potato and cauliflower bathed in a spicy tomato masala) delight the palate.  

Sip on quality mezcals, cool signature cocktails, or a glass of fine wine as you share dishes with your fellow foodies in their air-conditioned dining room. On the other hand, the patio at India Jones is the perfect vantage point for taking in the allure of Playa del Carmen’s bustling 5th Avenue. 


Mezcla PDC

Mezcla PDC Mexican-inspired Tapas Bar, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

Photo courtesy of Mezcla PDC


Just beyond the main tourist thoroughfare, Mezcla PDC is nestled on Calle 3 between 40th and 45 Avenue. The Mexican-inspired tapas are ideal for splitting amongst the table. But what makes this place special is Ismaeel, the owner, who had to overcome several obstacles to bring his restaurant dream to fruition. At more than one point, he was at the brink of giving up. Fortunately for all of us, he forged on and Mezcla PDC is fast becoming a popular local hangout.

He and his staff work wholeheartedly behind the bar, at the grill, and at the table to ensure every detail of the meal and service are just right. From the char-grilled elote (corn on the cob) to the pork belly tacos to the pastor octopus, each dish offers an exquisite blend of flavors. 

Mezcla is open everyday except for Mondays from 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The cozy yet hip atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date night or for a fun outing with friends. 


La Canopee

La Canopee Vegan Restaurant and Artisan Store, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photo courtesy of La Canopee


Located on Calle 24 between 25th and 30th Avenue, La Canopee just recently celebrated its Grand Opening. Coming from a clean food and wellness approach, you can discover an array of nutritious vegan foods and ingredients. Choose from cold pressed juices, salads, crepes, smoothies, and baguette sandwiches. 

Highlights on the plant-based menu include Shiitake ceviche tostadas and their Spanish omelets. The space exudes a very tranquil and green vibe, an oasis in the heart of the downtown core. 

Along with the restaurant and juice bar is an artisan store with jewelry, natural products, and beach clothing. The thatched-roof palapa and garden dining room set the stage for an inviting beach town brunch option. 


Artes y Copas 

Artes y Copas, Lounge and Wine Bar, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Artes y Copas


This intimate speakeasy lounge sits on Calle 26 just off of 5th Avenue. Artes y Copas features an enticing private wine collection, upscale spirits, and cleverly curated cocktails. By all accounts, it has become a luxurious landing place for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

Refined vinyl music, soft lighting, and impeccable service set the tone for a sophisticated evening out. Splendid platters pair perfectly with their list of select wines from around the world. In addition to their elegant happy hours, the wine and cocktail bar plays host to brilliant local musicians and performers. Open daily from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. except for Mondays (closed,) it’s best to reserve your table as space is limited. 


Get Rolled 

Get Rolled Ice Cream Parlour, Rolled Ice Cream, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Get Rolled


While it’s not exactly a restaurant, it does have tacos on the menu— rolled ice cream tacos that is! The pet-friendly ice cream parlor is conveniently situated just one block from the beach on 1a Avenue Norte between Calle 24 and 26. Stop by after a day in the sun and sand to choose from 20 varieties. For example, fruit lovers will enjoy flavors such as Strawberry Margasita (strawberries and nutella rolled and topped with whipping cream, chocolate drizzle, and cheese.) For those on the nutty side, the Pistachio (pistachios rolled and topped with green Pokey sticks and honey) is a fan favorite. 

Furthermore, Get Rolled offers soft serve flurries, milkshakes, waffle cones, and sundaes loaded with sweet treat toppings. There is something for everyone.

Originally, the idea for rolled ice cream was generated in Thailand as a popular street food.  Firstly, a cream base is spread on a freezing cold metal plate. Next, using endless options for fillings and garnishings, the sheet of ice cream is stuffed and rolled. The taco waffles are a creative spin and unique to Playa del Carmen. Despite the extra work that goes into the process, Get Rolled’s prices are pretty affordable.  

Of course, if you’re a frequent visitor to Playa del Carmen, you have a list of top spots for coffee, lunch, or dinner. Nevertheless, these 6 up-and-coming restaurants have bright futures and are worth exploring for yourself. Stay tuned for more Playa del Carmen news and events by subscribing to our monthly newsletter or by visiting BRIC’s travel blog.